Inside Outside
David Harkins's highly-anticipated solo exhibition from the winner of Edgar Modern's Tribe Prize Competition.
31 October - 14 November, 2015

David Harkin_s Solo Exhibition



Previewing at AAF Battersea - contact the gallery for complimentary tickets.

'Inside Outside is a collection of new paintings and is my first solo show at Edgar Modern, having won last year's Tribe prize. 
'Abstract in nature, the paintings are an inquiry into questions of identity, home, and a sense of being;  exploring the conscious and the unconscious,  their patterns of behaviour,  thought and  randomness. 

I have been exploring the notion of networks - relationships between people and things, and people to things  -  hoping to shed light on the ways in which we choose to construct ourselves.......

 A recurring theme is the solitary figure, presented as a jigsaw piece,  the universal in the universe......this puzzle motif suggests both the complete and the incomplete, amusement and bemusement, celebration and intoxication...........snapshots of the moth eaten tapestry of life..... '


- David Harkins
A Figure A Figure
30 x 30 cm
Amongst Ruins Amongst Ruins
91.4 x 91.4 cm
The Beekeeper The Beekeeper II
30 x 25 cm
Hive Hive
30 x 25 cm